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So, this is embarrassing: Hillary Clinton's debate hot mess is even worse than you thought

As we reported earlier, Hillary Clinton offered up some shameless “gems” during Monday night’s presidential debate with Donald Trump. And then she said this:


Bless her heart. Boy, did THAT backfire!

Also, “YouTube video.” And I’m a little bit confused; What happened to “what difference does it make,” Hillary? Twitter users swiftly fired back at Hillary Clinton


And that was just the tip of the iceberg!


Well, it got even worse. You see, Hillary Clinton just tweeted this:

What she shared highlights this:

She reassured our allies that America’s word is good—and reminded Trump that words matter:

“Let me start by saying, words matter. Words matter when you run for president, and they really matter when you are president, and I want to reassure our allies in Japan and South Korea and elsewhere that we have mutual defense treaties, and we will honor them …”

Um, sweetie? Why are you repeating and highlighting an absurd remark? Geez Louise, that is embarrassing. Back for more, Mrs. Clinton? I’m sure Twitter will happily oblige.

P.S. Thanks in advance for the sure-to-come giggles.

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