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Many viewers wonder: Why are media outlets freezing out THIS Donald Trump news?


What a surprise! Except it’s not. Did another freeze out of positive Donald Trump news happen this week too? Donald Trump gave a speech in Wisconsin this week which was highly praised by those who listened to it.

Some cable outlets aired some of the speech live. But can you guess what happened after? Laura Ingraham predicted this:

Fair schmair! Of course, that tweet was prescient.


Good question. Anyone watching network or cable news, or reading things like the fish wrap of record, wouldn’t have known about any of it. Message? That doesn’t suit. It has to be something deigned cuckoo or seemingly rude or some such. THOSE are key requirements evidently.


And perhaps because it was a good one?

Here’s a perfect example from a CNN “journo.”

Sneering contempt was that journo’s only take-away.

Another one:


Yep. The louder the tolerance brigade screams RAAAAAAAAACIST, the better the speech was. Which is why there won’t be substantive parts of it highlighted in the media. That doesn’t fit the narrative, natch. Only Queen Hillary the Corrupt can say anything of merit.


Of course, anything she says is a lie.

But, hey, that doesn’t matter to our Smarter Than You betters, right? Let’s focus on this instead, huh?


If you didn’t know that mainstream media, and now parts of new media, were in the bag for Hillary Clinton (explicitly or tacitly), then you know now.

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