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Media pushing deranged 'lone wolf' narrative in Sydney; This flashback reminder will enrage you

Lapdogs gotta be lapdogs! As Twitchy reported, the #SydneySiege is thankfully over. What’s not over? Media malpractice. The “lone wolf” claims by media surfaced immediately and are continuing. Why?



Twitter users are calling out media lapdogs for this pathetic narrative.

What’s next?

It’s funny because we can see it coming true.


Good question. While we wait for an answer from the media (Warning: Don’t hold your breath), here is a flashback reminder that will enrage you. No “lone wolf” who acted without anything sparking him here, guys!

Maddening. And telling, once again.


Here’s a brilliant test: How would media react if Sydney terrorist waved THIS flag?

‘Hate Sheikh’ Haron, #sydneysiege gunman, was vengeful Iranian immigrant with mile-long rap sheet

#SydneySiege: Jim Geraghty, Iowahawk crush reaction to terrorist’s ISIS flag with shattering idea

Report: Hostage taker demands ISIL flag and to talk to PM Abbott; Says 2 bombs in cafe

Breaking: Report of shotgun wielding man with ISIS flag holding hostages in Sydney, Australia [photos]; Update: Opera House evacuated; Update: Reportedly 13 hostages; Update: Not an ISIS flag; Update: Airspace over Sydney ‘CBD’ closed; Correction: Media reports airspace not closed

Police move in: Gunfire at #SydneySiege as hostages run from building ; Update: ‘Siege over’

Full Twitchy coverage of the #SydneySiege

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