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Inflammatory! Could mace boy Chris Hayes have made a more irresponsible Ferguson tweet than THIS?

That couldn’t have happened, could it have? Oh, yes. It did.


Good Lord, man (term used loosely). What in the hell is wrong with you?

Hayes provided no context for that tweet whatsoever. In fact, a previous tweet served only to inflame further:

There was a traffic accident in Ferguson Sunday night, but it is unclear if he was referring to that.



Because, again, no context was provided by Hayes. Perhaps because “tough guy” Hayes was too busy screeching about being “threatened” with mace.

His irresponsible and inflammatory tweet was retweeted over 4,500 times. Dangerously fanning the flames, Hayes? Achieved.





Hope you are proud of yourself, Hayes.

Other Twitter users swiftly and rightly called out Hayes for his dangerous irresponsibility.




And an exit suggestion for Mr. Hayes:


But that wouldn’t fan the flames and push a narrative that the media wants now, would it?

Despicable, Mr. Hayes. We’d say you should be ashamed, but it’s already quite clear that you have no shame. Nor any professional ethics or integrity. Case in point:


Unreal! Half a day later, Chris Hayes admits ‘dead body’ in Ferguson wasn’t really a dead body

What an atrocity he is.


Ferguson riots have ‘officially gone too far’: Chris Hayes threatened with mace

Aching sides! ‘Tough guy’ Chris Hayes warns Ferguson police; Lack of self-awareness astounds

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