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Sally Kohn: HealthCare.gov is better than Best Buy; Lib idiocy unintentionally nutshelled

Sally Kohn tweeted out double absurdity today. So, there was that tweet: Work shmork! Who needs it?


Zing! Unintentional honesty from Ms. Kohn?

That was a double-down on idiocy after this ridiculous tweet:

HealthCare.gov is totally better than BestBuy.com or something. Oh sweetie. Is that to be the new talking point to spin away the Obamacare website debacle? That’s so precious.

Seriously, what is the point? Plus, it’s completely wrong to boot. As Twitchy reported, HealthCare.gov is still full of fail. Kind Twitter users helped her out there:

There is your boom, Ms. Kohn.

Was that tweet yet another bit of unintentional honesty summing up liberal “thinking”?



Hey, it’s not like Best Buy built that anyway, right libs?

By the way, looky here:

Kohn “boom” fail and private sector win.


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