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Buffoon: Valerie Jarrett pulls Obamacare lady parts card; Forgets about lady smarts


So, upon the news that the Supreme Court would hear Hobby Lobby’s case challenging Obamacare,Valerie Jarrett whipped out the lady parts card once again.


Criminy! How has that card not yet fallen to pieces from overuse? And isn’t Ms. Jarrett far too busy screwing other things up?


Citizens swiftly and rightly gave her the business, including some nice lessons in lady smarts.

Lady smarts win. Again.


Pesky freedom.

It would behoove Ms. Jarrett to read this exchange initiated by a fellow lady parts-er:

Words are hard.


Boom. Lawyered!

Grammar is also hard.


Truth can of whoop ass? Opened!

These citizens put it all in a simple nutshell for Ms. Jarrett and her fellow travelers:

Ding, ding, ding!


Dana Loesch wants to talk Obamacare train wreck, not Hobby Lobby

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