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Nefarious! Latest member of the patriarchy, ladies? Your fancy pants coffee [pic]

Giggling madly. But, can you really parody a self-parody like “feminists”? Because looky here:


Ladies, those dastardly caramel macchiatos are trying to oppress you. Talk about dark roast: Dark as in evil!

Thanks to Twitter user @Matthewhurtt for snapping the funny in all its glory. Was the ad defacer joking?  Perhaps, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it was meant seriously. You see, evidently coffee makers are super sexist and stuff.


Good thing those lib men will “protect” you from such insidious subjugation, right?

No thanks, guys. And make us a sammich while you are at it. While we keep sipping our yummy fancy pants coffee. All dainty-like.

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