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Best part of President ShamWow's O-care debacle speech? Healthcare beard guy! [pic]


As Twitchy reported, President ShamWow addressed the Obamacare launch debacle from the Rose Garden on Monday.


Twitter users swiftly mocked his infomercial style and the fact that he absurdly claimed things are “working just fine” and the “product is good.” He then told people to just use phone instead of trying to navigate the disastrous website. Old-timey for the win? Except that, you know, the call center is also a disaster. And rerouted people to … the non-functioning website.

Still, there was one thing that stood out in an oh-so-hilarious way. Healthcare beard guy, who was standing next to the fainting woman. She totally stole his thunder.



Mary Katharine Ham swooped in with the exit win:



‘Who is he, Walter White?’ President declares of Obamacare, #TheProductIsGood

Whoops! President Infomercial: You guys, just use the phone for Obamacare; Guess what happens

‘Utterly incredible!’ Obama says nothing to see here; Obamacare disaster is ‘working just fine’

‘She finally saw her premium’: Woman nearly faints during POTUS’ O-care infomercial 

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