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#SpiteHouse: President Stompy Foot sparks new name for White House [Photoshops]

Dead-on. As Twitchy reported, citizens can see 2014 from the petulant president’s Barry-cades. His vindictive and teen drama queen behavior has inspired a Barry-cades definition at Urban Dictionary.


Twitter users have had it with the president’s spiteful snit fits.


The White House? More like the #SpiteHouse.


We are too and we aren’t alone.


No, for reals. Elderly residents are being kicked out of their homes. Because, federal land. And a stompy foot president.

Of course! Priorities. 


Yep. So this happened too.




Now #SpiteHouse in pictures:



Keep it coming, Twitter.

And a poignant exit point:

That says it all.

Pass it on.


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Full Twitchy coverage of the Barry-cades

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