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'Epic' social media shutdown win! ICYMI: Check out this Urban Dictionary definition

Another social media win! Last year, “just bloggers” and citizens scored a win when pushing back against Sen. Reid’s absurd claim that some guy told some girl who told him that someone said Romney didn’t pay his taxes.


Now citizens are winning with pushback against the Obama administration’s petty barricades at memorials and the like. As Twitchy reported, they were swiftly dubbed “Barry-cades.” Citizens could see 2014 from the Barry-cades and now we can see 2014 from Urban Dictionary?

That’s right! As Legal Insurrection reported, “Barrycades” has entered Urban Dictionary.

A screenshot of the definition:



Don’t miss checking out a quick Google search either.


Epic indeed.

Will “real journalists” get up to speed?


We won’t hold our breath.


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Full Twitchy coverage of the Barry-cades

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