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#ChuckToddPopCultureTweets: Pop culture is hard! What did Chuck Todd get wrong now?

Oh, Chuck Todd. Bless your precious heart.

Twitter users swiftly jumped to Todd’s aid after his attempt at a pop culture-y tweet:



Todd seems to be taking the ribbing in stride for once, instead of whining about the “stunning anger” of Twitter users:


Heh. Research? Journalists no longer need any stinkin’ research! Googling is also hard! Even for important stuff, sadly.


Zing! Todd can’t be a music fan: He’s far too busy being an Obama fanboy.

The snickering continued and a hilarious hashtag has now entered the mockery mix.






Ha! Perhaps he needs some twerking instruction. Lucianne Goldberg had a shudder-inducing idea for a twerking teacher who could maybe give Todd a hand.


It really doesn’t. Keep it coming, Twitter!


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