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Zing trifecta! Dennis Miller wants 'amnesty from this sh*t'; Slams Oprah, Obama, Clintons

Oh, don’t we all wish we could, Mr. Miller! Dennis Miller scored with that tweet, which has been made a favorite nearly 100 times. But he wasn’t done. Miller took President Obama, the Clintons and Oprah to task as only he can.


First some more rodeo clown flap mockery:

Ha! But, priorities!

Snort. The Clintons were under fire next:


Zing-tastic. Now back to the never-ending well of Obama mockery fodder:

Beautiful. And to round out the trifecta of zing, a little Oprah snark. You see, Oprah keeps claiming acts of racism at high-end boutiques:


Miller style! As we’ve said before, Dennis Miller plus Twitter equals pure gold.


‘Nails it!’ Drudge headlines, C.S. Lewis quote put rodeo clown flap in snarky nutshell [pic]

Truth in comedy! Dennis Miller spots the difference between Obama and a rodeo clown

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