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'Uncle Tom,' 'token': Justice Thomas dissents pens concurrence; Tolerance brigade hurls racial slurs; Corrected

And so it begins. Again.

As Twitchy reported, SCOTUS ruled on a racial preferences case today. The decision was a limited victory for opponents of racial preferences, but the court also punted and sent the case back to the lower court.


Justice Thomas dissented offered a scathing and glorious opinion in his concurrence.

That doesn’t suit!

Bingo. Scratch a leftist and find a racist every time.

MSNBC’s Adam Serwer was frothing at the mouth, natch.


His idiocy goes on and on.

Fellow travelers, troops in the tolerance brigade, swiftly started hurling racial slurs and hate.

And then came the predictable and racist accusations of self-hate.

Can you feel the diversity embrace?!

Repugnant slurs soon followed, natch.



As Dr. Ben Carson said, the most vicious racists are on the Left. Today is no different.

For shame.

Editor’s note: Justice Thomas wrote a concurrence, not a dissent. We have corrected the post and we apologize for the error.


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