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'Comedian' Michael Buckley hoped Ann Coulter was trending because she died; Other sickos screech 'die'

Wow. New tone! As Twitchy reported, Ann Coulter spoke at CPAC yesterday. To the twisted, like “internet celebrity” and comedian Michael Buckley, one can’t simply disagree with her. No, no. It is cause for wishing for her death.


LOL! If you add that (after the fact, natch), it makes it totally okay to hope for someone’s death, you see.

Truth hurts, and it really got under the skin of some. Thus, other sickos weighed in. War on women? What do you call this?


We are pretty sure she doesn’t see the irony in that despicable statement. Sisterhood!

Ah, yes. She is a “gender-traitor,” right? Oh, silly dames! Let smart (and vicious) liberal men speak for you. If you are lucky, they might pat you on your purty little heads! Don’t know your place? Take a gander at what happens then:


And get her back in the kitchen, right?

This Twitter user exposes the irony, once again.

Heh. Mr. Buckley, you see, has complained about homophobia and hate on the internet. Honey, heal thyself.

Bingo. Second hateful and vicious verse, same as the first. Scratch a leftist, find a hateful misogynist. Every time.

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