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#GardenVariety war on women: Joe Biden's putrid abuse-diminishing 'garden variety slap' remark sparks backlash

Boom. As Twitchy reported, Vice President Biden let loose with full-on disgusting today. When talking about domestic abuse, he said he’s not talking about your “garden variety slap across the face.” Oh, it’s not abuse-abuse, huh Joe? Just like how Bob Beckel believes that date rape isn’t actually rape. Got it.


Unbelievable. Hey, ladies, suck up those “garden variety slaps” and make Joe a sammich.

Once again, liberal men prove that an actual war on women is being waged by the Left. The Left wants women defenseless, they incessantly diminish rape and now Vice President Biden is diminishing abuse. What’s a little “garden variety slap,” ladies? Suck it up!

The backlash was swift and righteous.

Suck it up ladies, but don’t you dare defend yourselves. You really don’t know when you are being raped and you probably don’t know if you are being abused or are just receiving a “garden variety slap.”


Or feign vomiting.


Of course. He has a (D) next to his name, doesn’t he?

Indeed. He does it because he loves you. Silly dears.

Editor’s note: The video clip of Joe Biden’s remarks that circulated on Wednesday omitted his assertion that even a “garden variety slap” is “totally unacceptable in and of itself.” We have updated our report on Biden’s comment.

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