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Ted Cruz: Has the cost of your health insurance increased? Citizens: My premium skyrocketed

A thirty-five percent increase. Forward!

As Twitchy reported, Sen. Ted Cruz is vowing to defund Obamacare and he has taken the fight to Twitter. 


Yesterday, he asked for retweets from people who have seen the cost of their health insurance premiums increase.

As Twitchy readers know, Donna Brazile was a little confused as to why her health insurance premiums went up (she ended up blaming “price gauging,” heh). These Twitter users aren’t confused. But, sadly, their premiums are also increasing and they let the senator know, both by retweeting (650 retweets and counting) and in individual replies.

That was @Prairiecat55’s retweet, which she then followed up with a reply.


Others replied as well.


Unfortunately, there is more to come: The costs and negative effects of Obamacare (and all 20,000 pages of regulations so far) have barely scratched the surface. Thankfully, Sen. Cruz is standing strong.



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