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#Hacked mockery: Ace of Spades takes on the State Department over its anti-Semitic 'Woman of Courage'

As Twitchy reported, the State Department seems to be buying Samira Ibrahim’s claims of being hacked. You see, she was to receive the Secretary of State’s “Women of Courage” award. The problem? Her history of foul anti-American and anti-Israel tweets, including an approving tweet about Adolf Hitler.


The State Department said they do believe she was hacked. Serious You Guys. However, they are deferring presenting her with the award. But, why was she in line for one to begin with?

That’s right. And she never deleted the supposedly “hacked” tweets. In fact, she somehow never noticed them … until asked about them.

More from Ace of Spades, who gives the State Department the business:

Sure, #hackers always take over an account for one Tweet, cede control over it back to the user, re-#hack it weeks later, cede control again, all without the actual user ever becoming aware of the #hacking.

Literally happens ever single day.

Your Government is lying to you and will continue lying to you with every word that comes from its lying diseased organs.

Truth is never even on the list of possible options.


Repeat after us: Truth is hard for the Obama administration.

And there is more: The State Department simply scrubbed her off of its website. Unreal. Ace and other Twitter users continue to question this absurd willing suspension of disbelief.

Wow. But, hacked, you guys! A mocking hashtag enters the fray.


And then Ace of Spades takes on the State Department brilliantly.


Minds are being blown.


Our heads hurt!

Ace continues to rightly give the State Department the business, with a side of hilarious.


Amen. We don’t need to be hacked to say it!

What say you, State Department? Hack got your tongue?

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