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Obama's 'fair share' fiscal cliff deal not so fair to shocked voters: 'I take home less now, thanks Obama'

Oh, dear! Reality is hard. That “fair share” fiscal cliff crapwich deal doesn’t seem to be a hit, even for the not “rich.” A chink in the class warfare armor?


Many Twitter users first point out the irony of Obama’s class warfare fiscal cliff deal and rhetoric, while he jets off to Hawaii to finish up his fancy pants vacation.


Heh. Not so amusing? Reality hitting hard.

How can this be? Obama promised!

Some Twitter users are shocked. Only nefarious and dastardly Richy Richies were to be punished!


Twitter was once again prescient; stifling of laughter must commence once Obama voters realize just what they voted for when they see their dwindling paychecks.

Indeed. More reality, with no sign of unicorn dust and fairy wings in sight.



But, wait, there’s more! Add in the rising health care costs due to Obamacare.

Forward! To smaller paychecks.

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