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Anticlimactic: House passes crapwich, 257-167; Paul Ryan votes yes; Conservatives sigh Bad, but not altogether surprising, news for fiscal conservative fans of VP candidate Paul Ryan. He voted yes. Get your airplane sickness bags, ready, conservatives: *** Update: See who voted for this abomination.

Pelosi: Do your ‘patriotic’ duty and vote for fiscal cliff crapwich Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi delivered her usual, hyperpartisan, blame-GOP diatribe before the final vote on the Senate’s fiscal cliff tax hike/puny spending cut bill. Her closing argument: Voting no would be un-American. Conservatives didn’t take the demagogic flag-waving too well.

Hope and less change: Americans cringe at first paychecks of 2013; Stunned lib asks, ‘What happened?’

Happy New Year and happy payday! Thank goodness our “lord and savior” Obama signed the fiscal cliff bill into law after proudly proclaiming, “Under this law, more than 98 percent of Americans and 97 percent of small businesses will not see their income taxes go up.”

Promises, promises.

While PolitiFact will likely rate Obama’s statement “Mostly Swoon,” around 70 percent of Americans are going to pay more taxes in 2013. And they’re already feeling the pinch in the first paychecks of 2013.

Heckuva job, Barry! Obama ‘signs’ fiscal cliff bill from Hawaii via Autopen sparking auto-mockery

Empty chair, empty pen, same difference!

Nice try: Dems take credit for Bush tax cut extension, conservatives say ‘Oh no you di’int!’

Since President George W. Bush implemented his tax cuts in 2001, Democrats have done nothing but hammer the cuts as a gift to wealthy Americans — until now, that is. As part of the fiscal cliff deal, the tax cuts will remain permanent for households making less than $450,000 annually. And suddenly, Dems are crawling […]

Obama’s ‘fair share’ fiscal cliff deal not so fair to shocked voters: ‘I take home less now, thanks Obama’

How can this be? Obama promised! Some Twitter users are shocked. Only nefarious and dastardly Richy Richies were to be punished with the fiscal cliff crapwich!

Class warfare: Fiscal cliff bill tells successful ‘You shouldn’t have built that’

Sometimes, you’ve just made enough money and all. Small businesses didn’t “build that.” And the successful? You shouldn’t have built that. Class warfare is now acceptable according to Democrats and spineless Republicans.

Boehner told Reid twice to ‘fuck’ himself … before voting yes on Reid’s bill

Many Beltway journos and pundits are in a tizzy in the wee hours of the morning over this little tidbit: House GOP Speaker John Boehner reportedly told Democratic Sen. Harry Reid “Go fuck yourself” twice during contentious fiscal cliff talks on Friday.

Late-night Obama victory lap: Hey, let’s spend more! Update: Back to Hawaii President Obama, flanked by Sheriff Joe “The Whip” Biden, delivered a brief statement after the House passed the Senate’s fiscal cliff crapwich. While paying obligatory lip service to fiscal discipline and the need for more spending cuts, Obama used his late-night bully pulpit to crusade immediately for…new spending! Boy, were […]

Soundtrack suggestions for the House GOP capitulation

The House is now voting on final passage of the Senate’s fiscal cliff crapwich. The traditional C-SPAN classical musical background was delayed a bit, but a cheerful piano piece soon commenced. Twitter users watching the late-night proceedings chimed in with musical commentary and more appropriate soundtrack suggestions.