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Under the bus: Benghazi report 'devastating,' resignations roll in; Will media continue to ignore?

And the bus rolls on. As Twitchy reported, an independent inquiry into the events in Benghazi indicated major failures and dangerous incompetence that left the consulate vulnerable.


Devastating, indeed.

Will the truth about what happened in Benghazi, and the administration’s utter failures regarding the same, finally come out?

Lapdogs in the media have desperately tried to bury Benghazi bones.


But citizens and “just bloggers” have been demanding answers. They are continuing to do so.



The pressure is mounting and now resignations are rolling in. The Obama administration, as always, has a laser-like focus on scapegoating.



Your move, dinosaur media.


And the media acts as expected.


Way to ask important questions after the presser, lapdogs!


Aww, next time! Of course, we won’t hold our breath.


Ha! The bus stops with them. After it runs over a few people, in a pathetic quest to avoid accountability.


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