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PC Grinches: Students decry school 'holiday trees,' Christmas mentions banned as offensive

The PC Grinches who stole Christmas! Twitter was buzzing this morning over a report that a Christmas tree was banned from a senior apartment complex.


The tree was ordered removed and residents were none too pleased.

Frances Schaeffer, who is Jewish, said she doesn’t understand the property management company’s stance.

“This tree is a symbol of reverence that we can all enjoy regardless of our religious beliefs,” she said.

Can’t have that! This senior apartment complex isn’t alone. The same thing is happening in schools across America and Britain.

No. No, you aren’t. There is to be no mention of the dreaded C-word, as these Twitter users report.


What about Christmas carols? Surely children may enjoy those.

Oh, noes! The horror of carols. Perhaps she should send her children to these public schools, then, where carols have been banned.

Sssh! You must mean “holiday play!”

And Christmas trees? Good luck spotting one of those through the Bah Humbugs.


Some can’t even have “holiday trees” or any kind of decor at all.

A new excuse enters the mix.

Ah, yes. The fire hazard. See, obviously fire wasn’t invented yet during pre-politically correct times.

Parents may soon start complaining as well. Because the PC Grinch is fouling up workplaces, too.



Governor Chafee swoops in with an idiocy double down!

Err … what?

And this Twitter user sums it up.

Enough with the Christmas hating disguised as political correctness. For the children!

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