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Obama doesn't denounce Stephanie Cutter; She hits debate spin room, continues being revolting

As predicted, Stephanie Cutter’s repugnant remarks about Benghazi yesterday met with no disapproval from the rest of Team Obama. In fact, she was sent out as a spokesperson in the debate spin room!


She also took her lies to Twitter. Again.

Here is a sampling of her debate tweets last night.

Oh, our aching sides! Facts matter, Stephanocchio? Then why do you always spin away pesky things like, you know, facts? Oh, yeah. Because you are a liar.

Then she entered the spin room after the debate.


And, of course, further exposed herself as a soulless ghoul. Remember, she said that Benghazi is only an issue because of Romney and Ryan. Now her revolting remarks themselves? Totally the fault of … Romney and Ryan.

That she is. What she does can’t even be called mere spinning. It is outright lies and reprehensible beliefs. Twitter users, as always, call it out for what it is.


And some lady parts nonsense, as usual.

No, she’s just a liar.

And this Twitter user sums it up.

Unlike Ms. Cutter, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the loved ones of our fallen.

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