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Rob Lowe: 'Will Obama explain why our heroes had inadequate security in Benghazi?'

Actor Rob Lowe called out President Obama, asking a question that most of the press doesn’t seem to want to ask. They’d rather ask about, you know, the Green Bay Packers. Because that’s important.


On Tuesday, Rob Lowe tweeted about President Obama speaking about the murdered Ambassador Stevens. Mr. Lowe wasn’t a fan of the background.

Heh. But more importantly, he asked, “Will Obama explain why our heroes had inadequate security?” We’d love to know as well, Mr. Lowe, and thank you for asking. It’s a travesty that the question even needs asked.

As Twitchy reported, Rob Lowe seems to be a rarity in Hollywood; he refuses to toe the lefty line and doesn’t seem to be drinking the Obama Cult-Ade. Ellen Barkin could learn a thing or two from him, although we are certain it is far too late for that. She’s too immersed in the cult.

Last week, he called out a CNN anchor for carrying “heavy water” for President Obama. He also consistently supports our heroes and not just with lip service. He puts his time where his mouth is. Of course, a Twitter lib finds Mr. Lowe’s rightful comment worse than Obama’s deplorable incompetence and woefully lacking leadership.


Sigh. In the mind of a cultist, it is never Obama’s fault. Everyone else should be doing his job. Can’t he just finish his waffle and his golf game? He has to canoodle, too. Sheesh!

Kudos, again, Mr. Lowe. You know you are doing something right when Obama apologists surface!

Evidently, Mr. Lowe is quite the gracious one, too, as this Twitter fan shows.


And in case y’all were wondering, he has weighed in on the NFL refs debacle as well. Funny, but someone who is actually “eye candy,” is able to weigh in without making it all about him. Unlike President Obama.

More, please, Mr. Lowe!


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