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Suzanne Somers, Erik Estrada praise Clint Eastwood; Left attacks

Suzanne Somers took to Twitter the other day, to praise Clint Eastwood’s appearance at the Republican National Convention in Tampa., Fla. This isn’t the first time that Somers has spoken out. As Twitchy reported, she let Dennis Miller know how hilarious she found one of his riffs on Joe Biden.


Chuck Woolery (unverified account) and Erik Estrada (unverified account) agreed.

Conservatives thanked them for standing up and for refusing to toe the Hollywood leftist line.




As Twitchy reported, Kirstie Alley had also refused to toe the line and expressed her own independent thought. This does not suit the Left, natch.

New tone! They then proceed to attack Mr. Eastwood with some elder-bashing and hate, yet again.


They then move on to attacking Ms. Somers. As usual, the tolerance police attack those with whom they disagree. And a woman expressing her own opinion? Shut up, and get back in the kitchen, woman! Know your place.







Sexist, much? Of course they are. Scratch a liberal, find a sexist. Every single time.

Bingo. Free speech for me, but not for thee. That is the crux of their argument every time. They have nothing to back up their support for President Obama. So, the response is always “Because, shut up.”

Well, conservatives refuse to be silenced. Even those in Hollywood.

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