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Occupy DNC is occupying the waaahmbulance: 'HELP, nothing to eat in Marshall Park'

Resist! But totally whine about food and stuff.


That picture was mostly likely taken with a smart phone. Yet, they must send out an all hands on deck emergency call for food at Marshall Park in Charlotte. Buy their own? Oh, the humanity! As Twitchy reported, this isn’t the first instance of absurd Occupying Whining. Yesterday, they sent out emergency requests for food after a bus broke down en route. Can they last an hour while the bus is repaired? The horror!


The whining continues today.


Very serious! Get them food! They can’t possibly walk across the street to get any!




Desperately! More like desperately pitiful. Is rescue from the harsh elements of a park in the middle of a city on the way? Not according to this Democrat.

Dude. When you’ve lost your own supporters, maybe it’s time to pack it in. Slacktivism at its finest. We are totally protesting The Man! But, can The Man send us some eats?


Look, slackers. Everyone is sick of the pitiful whining and absurd sense of entitlement.

Oh, sweetie. Bless your heart.

Update: This is a win, right here.


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