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Cher stops 'bitting' her lip and tells us how she really feels about Todd Akin

Annnnnnnnd  she’s off! Her rocker, that is. Cher’s certainly made no secret of her feelings about Mitt Romney. His birth certificate joke is only the latest thing to have lodged itself in her craw. But she’s been uncharacteristically silent when it comes to Todd Akin — until now. Finally, she’s no longer “bitting” her lip on the issues facing women today:


Never mind that countless conservatives and GOP politicians have condemned Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments from the get-go. Facts don’t matter when you’ve got a false narrative to push.

Where is Cher getting all this insider information about Republicans’ sinister, incest-condoning plan? Why, straight from the GOP. Verbatim!

This isn’t the first time Cher has claimed that Republicans want to criminalize contraception, and sadly, it most likely won’t be the last.


She’s not ranting, you guys!!!1111!

If Cher’s referring to the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, the claim that the term “forcible rape” is included has been debunked.

Calling all wimmenz! Save yourselves from those dastardly white men, before it’s too late!

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