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Narcissist in chief smack-down: Obama puts hoops with him on your child's bucket list

The ego; it scorches. What child would like nothing more than hoops with The One ™? Not content with telling you that all your wedding gifts belong to him, now he is letting you know that all your child’s dreams belong to him.


Food shmood! Who needs to eat when there are hoopies with Obama to be played? Daddy is out of work? Whatever. It’s hoops time! Priorities!

Not so fast, narcissist.

That’s right. King Narcissist is even putting himself above basketball stars. He is the most important. All about him.

You could be there—donate before the midnight deadline

Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Sheryl Swoopes, Carmelo Anthony, and many, many more basketball greats are all stepping up to support President Obama.
You and a guest will meet the President—and shoot hoops with some of the best basketball players alive.
Any donation today gets you automatically entered twice.

Citizens in the real world give a hearty “no, thanks.”



Earlier, there was another For The Children ™ lame attempt fail.


Air ball!

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