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Million Gulp March: Put that in your straw and suck it, Nanny Bloomberg

What will Nanny Bloomberg do?


You will pry our Big Gulps out of our cold, dead hands! Citizens are uniting to fight back against Mayor Bloomberg’s war on everything yummy. His latest on that front is his proposed ban on sodas that His Highness deems too large.

People are funny like that, Mayor Bloomberg; they can take care of themselves, you see. They don’t need Big Nanny government overseeing and dictating their every move … or swallow.

Twitter users appear to be united in their support of the Million Gulp March, scheduled for later this afternoon.




Mayor Bloomberg, of course, is still being all Better Than You and Smarter Than You. He wants to control you because he loves you.

No, sir. They are making a mockery of you and your dictator-like jackassery. Oh, yeah, and your hypocrisy.


Indeed. Twitchy will monitor the march and bring you updates of all the action.

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