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Fast and Furious: Live coverage of full House vote on holding Holder in contempt; Update: House pre-vote to hold Holder in contempt passes; Update: House votes to hold Holder in contempt

Today the full House will vote on holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt over Operation Fast and Furious, the federal operation that put guns in the hands of Mexican criminals.


On June 20th, the committee voted to hold Holder in contempt, after last-minute claims of executive privilege by President Obama, and passed it to the full House. Chairman Darrell Issa predicted that the full House would vote to hold Holder in contempt in a bipartisan manner.  Today we will find out if he is correct.


While the Left is screeching about racism and trying to distort the issue, the crux of the matter is that the House is trying to find truth and achieve justice.

Will Representative Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) drop another bombshell? Will Representative Cummings (D-Md.) be as toolish and morally bankrupt as he usually is? How loud will the Left shriek if a number of Democrats, as anticipated, vote to hold Holder in contempt?

We will find out the full extent of the stompy foot actions by the end of the day.

Twitchy will be covering the hearing and vote live. Keep checking back for constant updates.

Sigh. Typical leftist reaction. Project much? That’s what you do. Conservatives seek truth.


Update: Desperation.


Update: Contempt!

One hour until final vote.

Rep. Issa has taken the floor:

The debate is underway:

Issa has given himself two minutes to speak. Each side will have 25 minutes.

Rep. Cummings is up now, talking up the “promise” he made to the Terry Family while denying any wrongdoing by Holder or the White House.

Rep. Mike Quigley is predictably calling for gun control. Want to see our shocked face?


Quigley says the debate is about politics, not safety.

Rep. Sensenbrenner is firing back at Quigley, saying this is a constitutional issue.

Rep. Connolly is yelling, whining more about how it’s all about politics.

Shorter Connolly: Eric Holder! He don’t get no respect!


Rep. Buerkle: The American people deserve answers and so does the family of Brian Terry.

Rep. Clay sounds like there’s something living in his throat. Just cough or something!

And he’s echoing Rep. Quigley in making this all about gun control.

Also, #witchhunt.

He says Republicans created the Fast and Furious scandal to smear Eric Holder and Barack Obama. Yes, really.

Speaker Boehner is weighing in as well.

Rep. Lynch of Massachusetts is wielding his best brush to paint the portrait of Eric Holder as the victim of a Republican conspiracy.


Steny Hoyer, just now: “It is a sad day for the House of Representatives. It is an irresponsible day for the House of Representatives.”

No. Seriously. And he’s praising Rep. Dingell, who walked out on Brian Terry. And he’s claiming to be a “bipartisan member” of the House. Wow.


Hoyer: “We ought not to be voting as Republicans or Democrats; we ought to be voting as Americans.” He really likes the constitution as long as he doesn’t have to abide by it.

What a joke.


Rep. Gosar is the latest to really highlight the difference between the Democrats’ focus and that of the Republicans: victimizing Eric Holder vs. government accountability and justice for Brian Terry.

Rep. Labrador is rightfully indignant.

Rep. Maloney has just asserted that the Republicans are targeting the man who tried to stop “Fast and Furious.” She’s talking about Eric Holder. Yes. That Eric Holder.

Shorter Maloney: Bush did it.

Give it a rest.

Ooo! Heeeeeeeeeere’s Nancy!

She nearly just broke her face trying to squeeze out a tear over Brian Terry’s death. “So sad,” she said, once she finally managed to pronounce “Terry” correctly.


Pelosi says the Republicans are exploiting Brian Terry’s death for “reasons [she] can’t even characterize” and that the Fast and Furious debate is predicated on a false premise.

More Pelosi: “This motion is not a principled effort to resolve the issue.” She says the Republicans are “railroading” Eric Holder and the justice system.

Nancy is stunned — STUNNED! — by the Republicans’ “heinous act.” “First time in the history of our country to bring contempt against a cabinet officer. You’d think they’d be more careful about what they say, but being careful about what they say isn’t part of their agenda.”

She’s now praising the Congressional Black Caucus for walking out on the hearing.

Pelosi: “There is no blame on the Attorney General, and [the Republicans] know that!”

Whoops. Never mind!


Rep. Chaffetz is up now: “I want all the facts! That’s what we’re asking for: the facts!”

Issa just stood up to remind the Democrats that Fast and Furious began under Holder.

Oh, snap!

Cummings: “It is fundamentally wrong to vote for this resolution at this time.”

Issa’s got the spotlight. He’s once again pointing out that Operation Fast and Furious did not originate during the Bush presidency.


Issa: “We’re here because when we asked a legitimate question about Brian Terry’s murder, about Fast and Furious, we were lied to. We were lied to repeatedly over a ten-month period.”

A vote would be great, but Rep. Dingell has more to say.

Dingell says he’s working for Brian Terry and the Terry Family. Uh-huh.

Issa nails Dingell on his claims: “When you say you represent the Terry Family, you do not.” “He has never spoken for the Terry family.”

That. Was. Glorious.

Issa has yielded the remainder of his time to superstar Trey Gowdy. Hot damn!

Gowdy: “If you want all the truth, you want all the documents…I will not compromise when it comes to finding the truth!”


Lots of applause for Gowdy. You can view his speech here.

And now, we wait.

Well, we know one person who’s voted against Dingell’s resolution …


Dingell’s motion failed.

OK, this is it.

Annnd it’s over!

The final vote tally:

You can view the full roll call here.

Two Republicans voted nay.

Hmmm … duly noted.

Read the full statement here. Just make sure you’re sitting down and all sharp objects in your vicinity have been removed first.

 The saga continues.

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