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Fail: President Obama tries to slam Romney by saying that size matters

It’s not the size of the class, it’s the ability of the teacher.

Giggle-snorts ensue as others with naughty minds respond.


This was a failed attempt to slam Mitt Romney, who agrees it’s more use than size (giggle.)


And, of course, his follow-up tweet is also a fail.



The Obama campaign responded with a statement from spokeswoman Lis Smith asking “what planet does he live on?” and describing how Romney “continued to insist — against all evidence — that larger class sizes are the answer to a good education.”

But Romney isn’t alone in his thinking. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has made exactly the same case for years, citing studies indicating that larger classes were not inherently detrimental. Last year, Duncan described class size as “a sacred cow and we need to take it on.” He’s publicly called on school districts to pay better-performing teachers higher salaries in exchange for taking on bigger classes, rather than using that money make sure the teacher-to-student ratio doesn’t grow in every class.

Whoops! Size really doesn’t matter, evidently. Good news, fellas!

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