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EMILY's List inadvertently admits no one wants to ban birth control


Hey, geniuses, if 9 out of 10 Americans are totally fine with birth control, who are the mythical creatures who wish to ban it?

Thanks for admitting that you and your fellow travelers simply invented that threat out of whole cloth in order to use women as pawns.


It “seems” the opposite because they, and other useful idiot women’s groups, are lying about people wanting to ban birth control!!!111eleventy

Stop falling for their lies.

Logic? What kind of dark magic is that? Logic doesn’t suit; how can a false narrative be pushed if you let pesky logic and facts get in the way?

Bingo. But, to be fair, maybe they are distracted by their strong defense of S.E. Cupp and Governor Nikki Haley, who were both on the receiving end of misogynist attacks this week. They stand for women, right?

Crickets. Of course. We are sure that they will eventually be shamed into issuing some sort of statement, but who cares? It will only be a sham meant solely to cover their own behinds so that they can claim a mantle of superiority: “We totally hate her, but we are For The Women and such!” Lies. Just like the threat to birth control.


They are an arm of the Left only, who not only continuously strive to dehumanize and sexualize conservative women, but they also seek to reduce all women to the sum of their girly bits only.

EMILY’s List is yet another group of “feminists” who do not speak for women, nor should they. They are not an authority on women or on anything else, apparently. Including truth.

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