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Uterati: Roseanne Barr femme-a-goguing, obsessed with fancy wombs and 'woman-hating' Malkin

Is she confusing the United States with Saudi Arabia like President Obama did the other day in a super transparent and lame attempt to use women as pawns?



Femme-a-goguery is the new demagoguery.

She continues with her fancy womb obsession.



Again, we’ve lost our cuckoo pants to sane dictionary, so we can’t translate.


Believe us, cupcake, your uterus is completely safe from intrusion.


Matriots! Unless you are the “wrong kind” of woman, natch.


So now it is “woman-hating” if one stands up for women?

If Roseanne actually cared about true woman-hating, she’d denounce Keith Olbermann for his “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick” comment aimed at Michelle Malkin. She’d denounce the misogynist pig Bill Maher. Along with Kathy Griffin. And President Obama for his constant use and abuse of women. She’d laud conservative women, instead of bad-mouthing them, because they stand up for all and refuse to be silenced. They also refuse to be enslaved by a government who seeks to tether them to government control. But, hey, UTERATI!!


Twitter fights (awesomely like girls) back.





She also wants to move to Iceland. Because toxic waste or something.



Highly evolved…when denouncing a state as shameful for not agreeing with her.

Oh, dear. But, since we are givers, here is an example of how even a blind squirrel can find a nut.


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