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CNN's Donna Brazile: Talking about Jeremiah Wright is racist 'hate fest'

We wish Mitt Romney had said that he “refudiated” it instead, because that would be hilarious. Still, regular old repudiated isn’t good enough for democrat strategist and CNN contributor Donna Brazile. But, we are glad she wants the hate fest to stop. Oh, wait. She wasn’t talking about the hate spewed at Mitt Romney and his Mormonism, was she? That kind of bigotry is totally cool because shut up, racists.


Smear campaign! Again, “smear” seems to be Newspeak for facts and truth.!/donnabrazile/status/203131558255792129

And there’s the old race card! It’s very surprising that the magnetic strip isn’t worn down on that card from overuse yet.!/donnabrazile/status/203202923084263424

We’ll let the grammar lapse slide because we are givers. But gadzooks, Ms. Brazile. Brown v. Topeka Board of Ed.? Good grief, nice race-baiting straw man. Now even mention of someone who happens to be black results in “you are trying to bring us back to pre-Brown v. Topeka Board of Ed.!!!111111” What happened to judging on character and not on skin color?

Perhaps you need to revisit that history.

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