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Hijack alert: White House offers 'Congress to do list,' citizens respond

#Congresstodolist trended in the United States, but not in the good for Obama way. Again. Sheesh, he will never learn!!/AriMelber/status/199889682438438912


Heh. Where are the grown ups?

Twitter picks up the slack and helps out the President with his ‘to do’ list.!/TexClassicalLib/status/199833991564640256!/Veribatim/status/199890760311644161!/emzanotti/status/199891679816318976!/ollieblog/status/199891801346293760!/dcseth/status/199894496098516992!/ChelseaGrunwald/status/199921641092943872!/RedStateWitch/status/199920933971046401!/Senate_RPC/status/199946048318349312!/mkball84/status/199945854138843136!/airwolf1967/status/199943777568301056!/llondo/status/199941012523728897!/anthropocon/status/199937196793401344!/KLSouth/status/199932908792840193

Weird. And absurd. More shameless pandering and playing at being President from an incumbent who can’t run on his own record.

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