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Roseanne Barr jealous of Meghan McCain; plus, math is hard; Update: Meltdown mode

Meggie, Meggie, Meggie! Why do you follow her and not me? Look at me, Ms. Magazine! Look at ME! I’m totally super feminist-y and stuff. Why do haters gotta hate?


Maybe this is why, toots.!/TheRealRoseanne/status/195961019204505600

Um. Come on, Rosie. Math can’t be that hard. Also hard? Sanity.!/TheRealRoseanne/status/195960832386019328

Oh, honey. On the plus side, #roseannearchy would make an awesome hashtag game.!/TheRealRoseanne/status/195962833954013184

They aren’t “stealing” from you. They are mocking you. Try to keep up.

Update: It appears that Roseanne isn’t fond of being called out.

Also? She thinks that anything said or done pre-candidacy is irrelevant and you’re a dum-dum if you don’t know that. Now she’s campaigning, you see. That’s totally different. Well, we suppose it did work for Barack Obama, who went unvetted.


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