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Protest outside of Paul Ryan's speech at Georgetown Univ lacks actual protesters

Oh, our aching sides! This is what happens when you rely on slackers.!/DrewMTips/status/195514240713498625

Inside the venue, the protest is even more pitiful.


Over/under on the media reporting it as a “huge” protest?!/daveweigel/status/195514144487776256

Even the Lefty professors couldn’t get the slacktivists to actually show up.!/NicholsUprising/status/194883652121935873

Occupy didn’t have much luck either with their call to arms.!/subculturestuff/status/195267725629730816

The “media advisory” bit is particularly hilarious. Quick, media, to the bat vans! A massive protest … of 5 people … is about to start! Mayhem!

You can watch the speech live on-line, if you can hear it through that massive protest and all.!/cspan/status/195512269717778432

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