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Media Malpractice: Month after edited Zimmerman 911 call, no on-air correction by NBC

Oh, well. Just a little mistake! That must be why NBC did not feel the need to make a correction on air.



“Even though NBC acted quickly to investigate how the clip was changed and discipline the person responsible, it left out one important action: Issuing an on-air correction on the “Today” show, telling viewers what happened, why, and apologizing for it in the same venue where the error was given such a public airing.”

Just the pesky little detail of, you know, reporting the facts on air.


Hey, what’s a little fan flaming for ratings, right? Or the pushing of media-manufactured narratives in order to aid President Obama’s re-election campaign? What could possibly go wrong? As long as there is no risk of lawsuit and all.

Part of the reason it didn’t occur to them is that television news almost never corrects itself on air when it gets called out. It just isn’t generally done, unless it’s needed to make a lawsuit go away.

How about lynch mobs, NBC? Or crimes committed as “payback” for Trayvon Martin? Perhaps your libelous and beyond irresponsible “mistake” has something to do with it?


The media’s bias is no longer just annoying. It is perhaps deadly.

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