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Democrats, media foment bigotry: 'That Mormonism stuff is way worse than critical race theory!'

Ah, the media. Ever at the ready to carry Obama’s water. The media, along with Obama surrogates (concentric circles on a Venn diagram) have been desperately trying to foment bigotry against Mormons and have now kicked it up a notch. Obama ate a dog? But, but Mormonism!


Those Mormons are icky and crazy, you see.!/Commentary/statuses/193365961288589312

Also, polygamy! Romney is like that cuckoo pants Big Love family! According to Democrat Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and, of course, the media breathlessly repeats it:

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer was quoted letting loose with a slam at Romney’s Mormon origins while answering a question about GOP outreach to Hispanics:

While discussing swing states, Schweitzer said Romney would have a “tall order to position Hispanics to vote for him,” and I replied that was mildly ironic since Mitt’s father was born in Mexico, giving the clan a nominal claim to being Hispanic. Schweitzer replied that it is “kinda ironic given that his family came from a polygamy commune in Mexico, but then he’d have to talk about his family coming from a polygamy commune in Mexico, given the gender discrepancy.” Women, he said, are “not great fans of polygamy, 86 percent were not great fans of polygamy. I am not alleging by any stretch that Romney is a polygamist and approves of [the] polygamy lifestyle, but his father was born into [a] polygamy commune in Mexico.”


While The Daily Beast did point out that tying Romney to polygamy is absurd, the media has been trying to push the “weirdo” Mormonism angle drip by drip for some time. Why? Perhaps to feed into Democrat Mormon bigotry. It’s working:!/BuenosDiaz_Gigi/status/193161128002588675!/nautaboy/status/193140802011144192!/southerntalker/status/193138037297905665!/GerriSwartz/status/192799961044369409!/AirInBetween/status/193385591566647296

Wow, kudos media. Way to incite bigotry!

New tone.

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