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More Panic Mode: Obama eats dog story has DNC communications director unleashed

Why should DNC press secretary Melanie Roussell have all the cuckoo pants fun? DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse wants in on the action.!/woodhouseb/status/192623932493414402


Pointing out things that President Obama wrote as an adult in his own book  is now attacking a child? Meany pants Republicans! Nice straw man, toots. Unless, of course, Mr. Woodhouse is admitting that President Obama is a petulant man-child. That’s rather racist, Brad.

Nah, it’s panic mode. Polls show Obama floundering? Deflect! Deflect like the wind! He’d call the jokes a “dog whistle” as usual, except that choice of words doesn’t fly here. Because, you know, Obama ate a dog.

Conservatives aren’t buying it.!/OrinocoPat/status/192629764341772289!/SundevilSal/status/192629933330280448!/FloraDuh1/status/192630112745816065

We won’t hold our breaths waiting for that explanation. Unless Andrew Sullivan decides to put back on his Uterine Forensic Expert cap and treat us to another creepy investigation.


That’s the point. He can’t win on his record. PANIC.!/beaucarter/status/192634222907891712

Whoops, indeed. Obama’s entire presidency is one big whoops and the DNC is in panic mode because of it.

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