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Panic mode: DNC press secretary has meltdown over Ted Nugent

Not content to let Debbie Wasserman Schultz have all the mock-worthy thunder regarding Ted Nugent’s comments, DNC press secretary Melanie Roussell took to Twitter in a bit of a snit.


No word yet if she’s planning a snit over the despicable Bill Maher or Hilary Rosen, but The Nuge? ZOMG worst thing ever! Look to your own backyard first, cupcake. This includes vile people whose money the President refuses to return and mom-bashers who have visited him at the White House at least thirty-five times.

She started huffing last night.!/MelanieDNC/status/192018768451473410

And achieved full melt-down mode this morning.!/MelanieDNC/status/192229253553733633!/MelanieDNC/status/192229692215001091!/MelanieDNC/status/192230033803313152!/MelanieDNC/status/192230294408015872!/MelanieDNC/status/192244481968451584!/MelanieDNC/status/192245720777097216!/MelanieDNC/status/192269251929837569!/MelanieDNC/status/192269546051211265!/MelanieDNC/status/192276596533628928


Oh dear. The cuckoo, it burns.

No one bought Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s feigned outrage last night and no one is buying this snit either. In fact, they see it for what it is.!/Echoes_of_Lotus/status/192273654464266240

Dissent is no longer patriotic, evidently.!/slee010/status/192285562672123904!/DrewFlorio/status/192017000065806336

Bingo. Panic! If this is all the DNC press secretary has to talk about, then the GOP is in good shape.

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