As we all know, this happened:

Sigh. The hysteria has run rampant on Twitter for days. But why? Was there or is there any actual proof?


Oh, well then. Case closed! Today comes a report saying that WikiLeaks claims the leaked Hillary Clinton campaign emails came from insider whistleblowers. Not Russian hackers.

More from the Washington Examiner:

A man who calls himself a WikiLeaks operative is claiming “inside leaks,” not Russian hackers, are responsible for the release of emails that embarrassed Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee during the presidential race.

“Neither of [the leaks] came from the Russians,” Murray told in a story published Wednesday. “The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks.”

He also said that those behind the email leaks were motivated by “disgust at the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and the tilting of the primary election playing field against Bernie Sanders.”

Murray also claimed that he was personally handed some of the leaked emails. Read the above again and let it sink in. Huh. Could that possibly make sense? Occam’s razor and all. But, that doesn’t fit with the atmosphere of knee-jerk ZOMG TRUMP WILL BE THE END OF EVERYTHING EVER that abounds. It must have been Russia. And Trump must have known, right? That’s what our oh-so-clever and trust-worthy (I could not type that with a straight face) media tells us!

Or, you know, some people who were seeing the true nature of the corrupt, inept, arrogant, potentially criminal and hate-filled Hillary Clinton. And said “screw this. I’m blowing the whistle. Hello, WikiLeaks!”

What say you? Who do you believe?