So, Martin Sheen and fellow alleged celebrities are throwing yet another Stompy Foot Snit Fit over the election of Donald Trump. As we reported, they made a video, guys! So, you know they are super serial. Alas, the video is, well, abysmal. It’s so, so bad that it is mock-freakin-tastic.

Come on, guys: Martin Sheen played a president on television! He’s like an expert and stuff.

Also, he has the utter gall to quote the Federalist Papers.

The balls on these people! We are to believe that all of a sudden Lefty celebs care about liberty? And The Constitution? Baloney.

The hypocrisy astounds, as does the arrogance.

Yep. The will of the people? Celebs don’t need no stinkin’ will of the people. Their people won’t bother calling your people; THEY know best, you see. You rubes? Sit down and shaddup. Also, fork over the cash that you have while living paycheck to paycheck to go see their wretched movies.

What came next? Backfire alert! Citizens mocked like the wind.

Celebs, the media and the Left (Yeah, I just repeated myself) STILL do not get it. Still. To be fair, I guess it is hard to focus your brain enough to comprehend anything, what with all the rending and wailing and all.

But, hey, this video will totally do it and make you appear sane and serious.

How badly did it backfire?

Excellent. Keep it coming, Hollyweird. President-elect Donald Trump thanks you! And don’t forget about this:

Oops. And an exit idea:

Gasping for breath!