As Twitchy readers know, Politico’s Julia Ioffe posted a vicious and defamatory tweet about President-elect Donald Trump and his lovely, smart and successful daughter Ivanka Trump. Ioffe subsequently deleted the tweet, natch. Evidently forgetting that the Internet is forever.

Beyond foul. She has already been fired and is faux-apologizing on Twitter.

Oh, really. The PHRASING?

The shake fisty is incessant lately! I fear I will get carpal tunnel from it. One thing that 2016 has sure taught us: The Left is going above and beyond in exposing just how twisted fringe they are. And when they are bitter, the nasty reaches epic levels. Enter MSNBC flame-fanner Christopher Hayes, who is currently literally defending Ioffe. Perhaps not surprising, as he has also literally defended bomb attempts. Because, not guns. So, sanity ain’t his strong suit.

Are you KIDDING me? You have the utter audacity to talk about vapors, Mr. Fainting Couch extraordinaire?

Precisely. The press loses its collective mind (I think they do just share ONE) over every single Trump tweet. Every. Time. Pearls are clutched, histrionics are rampant and fainting couches have huge arse-shaped divots in them now.

Further, how on earth can you in good conscience defend Ms. Ioffe’s reprehensible statement? Oh, that’s right. Conscience is hard.

Hardy-har-har. Boy, you are sick. She both literally and seriously mentioned incest. INCEST. That’s no joke, buddy.

Of course. There we go: Because, TRUUUUUUMMMPP. Man, you guys are really getting old. It was funny at first: Tear-filled porn, really. But now? It’s just pathetic. And becoming sickening.

Perhaps she should be fired because she let it clearly be known that she not only has a bias against President-elect Trump, but that she cannot even control it. At all. And what about this, Mr. Hayes?:

Apparently not. But, to be fair, Mr. Hayes doesn’t appear to know much at all.