This is truly mind-boggling:

What? Come on, that cannot be true! I’d ask Harry Reid himself, but he’s a big old Liar McLiar Pants so I still wouldn’t know the truth.

Oh dear. That’s right. Harry Reid, Mr. Some Guy Told This Other Guy Who Knows My Cousin Who told My Barber That Romney Didn’t Pay His Taxes, actually wrote about separating truth from lies. How on earth did he type while maniacally cackling? Worse, he claims the Democrats would be responsible for it. Since, you know, they are so awesome at truth and such.

What came next? Delicious mockery.


Oh, man. When you’ve lost Cillizza

Really. What is this “fake news” stuff actually about, though?

Precisely. It’s just like the “new tone” and “civility” nonsense Democrats pulled. That sure backfired, didn’t it? Hint: This will too, Democrats and your media flacks.

Ding, ding, ding!