As always, we recommend embracing the power of “and”; Do both! What sparked the question this time? Well, this just happened:

Geez Louise! Trump’s win is truly turning the Left into a cliche come true. We all knew it was coming, though.

Zing! But, it’s pretty sickening as well:

Ugh. Citizens give Mother Jones the business and rightly so.

Solve it? Did he even mention it?

If so, not often and only in passing.

Mother Jones isn’t alone. Check it out:

New city homeless policy reveals a larger problem with America in the Trump era

The above link is an article about Mayor de Blasio’s policies. But, hey. TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUMP and stuff. He has to be at fault regardless! And then there is this article:

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has all but given up hope for additional funding under a Trump administration. Some housing and homeless advocates are gearing up to play defense, given that neither Trump nor Carson has any history addressing homelessness.

Sigh. Stay tuned for many more to come shortly! In the meantime, we’ll leave you with this media-slam win:

*Wiping tears*