So, this happened after Donald Trump’s election win according to actress Eva Longoria:

More from The Hill:

Actress and Democratic activist Eva Longoria says she was bedridden for nearly 48 hours after President-elect Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in their battle for the White House last Tuesday.

“I was in bed for almost two days after this election, so I can’t imagine what she’s feeling, you know?” Longoria told “Extra” host Mario Lopez in an interview published Monday.

“I was so devastated,” the prominent Clinton supporter added. “I can’t imagine what she feels.”

Can’t. Stop. Laughing. Oh, sweetie. Are you not embarrassed or ashamed to admit such a thing? Was there a huge puddle in your bed afterward from your melting snowflake-iness and your delicious liberal tears?


Twitter users couldn’t stop laughing and mocking Ms. Longoria.

But … but … she’s like Social Justice Warrior and stuff, guys.

Being a grown up and not a stompy foot child? That’s cuckoo talk.

Oh snap. Keep whining Ms. Longoria. We need the laughs.