And, boy, was it. What specifically sparked that reaction? While the entire day was filled with delicious post-election, Trump win meltdowns, this one might be the funniest, snit fit-iest one ever:

Oh. My. Lord. Won’t someone think of the children?! What on earth shall we tell our own kids? Hey, here’s some ideas:

Hold the phone! That seems far too tricky.

How can that be? What kind of magic did that mom wield?

More pesky reality!

Heh. And by the way, my 13 year old daughter (shaddup. I know I’m old) didn’t care for Trump nor Hillary Clinton. But guess what? When Trump won, she didn’t shatter into pieces. In fact, I told her about this LA Times “article” (term used loosely) and she spent the rest of the morning hysterically laughing while saying “But, THE CHILDREN!” So, apparently she’s way smarter and more world-competent than the “experts” over at the LA Times and their pathetically whiny friends.