So, this happened, sparking horrified fear across the land:

Way to scare us all, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama! Because, hell to the no. You’ve tried a similar, chilling tactic before. And received a resounding response of “please leave our kids alone.” Look up to YOU, Hillary Clinton?


I’m sorry, but I teach my child to NOT be a pathological liar. And to NOT shame and blame victims of sexual assaults. And to NOT be corrupt every waking (and probably even sleeping) moment of her life. So, you know. Basically to be the antithesis of YOU.

Twitter users also swiftly responded and gave Hillary Clinton the business.

Ding, ding, ding!

Also, nice try Michelle Obama. Did you forget this?

So, a double fail all-around.


CHILLING: What Hillary Clinton now wants to do to YOUR children is ‘scary as hell’