You’ll see why that’s so funny in just a minute. This post could have been titled, “Boy, Sally Kohn is a damn moron,” but that’s pretty much a given at this point. Why? Oh, just a sampling of tweets from today only shows that. Apparently, she is striving to achieve the stupidest Twitter feed ever, all in just one day (Hillary Clinton already won “saddest” feed)!

Seriously. No words. And there’s more; Read her feed here if you can stomach it. But she wasn’t content with just using the Lafayette shooting to expose her moronic ways. Take a look at this oh-so-smart take:

Dude. Taking a page from Hillary’s unintelligible book now, Sally?

The mockery was swift and sure.

Hmmm. What say you, Sally?

Aching sides!

But guys, maybe she’s right …


And an exit question:

No, Sally! Stick around, please. For US.


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