It really is unbelievable. Or would be if we didn’t already know that the president is hard-pressed to ever tell the truth. You see, President Obama had the utter gall to say that the reason he shouldn’t have scrambled to the fairway after his presser on the savage beheading of James Foley was optics-related.

The fact that an American journalist was beheaded? That’s neither here nor there (he doesn’t care); It’s all about optics and Obama himself, natch. Evidently, he just isn’t mindful enough of the “theater of politics.”

Fox News’ Ed Henry crushed that claim with one key reminder.


But it got worse: The Washington Post swiftly scrambled to cover for the president … with this utter absurdity:

It’s unreal.

Citizens reminded WaPo and President Theatrics of a few things.

Then came a hashtag.

And it was magnificent.

And for the win:


So there’s that, champ. You excel at sparking truth-snark hashtags and memes.


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